In one of the classes I’m currently taking we had a speaker, Fred Catona, the founder of both A Taste of Philly and, come to speak.  Among all of the valuable insight into the world of business he had to offer, he had one point that hit home for me and many of my classmates, which was – forget what other people think about you.  “You can not survive in the business world without a thick skin,” and his other point was (to) “let others think what they may – as long as you’re doing what makes you happy, it will not matter. ”

It is with Fred’s fortune and attitude in mind I post tonight’s pictures:

Top 5 of my favorite scenic photos (that I have taken…)

These were especially hard to choose from since photographing landscapes and scenery is my favorite!

Thanks for looking…

-Killarney, Ireland

-Philadelphia, PA

Boston, MA

-San Francisco, CA

-Key West, FL


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