Good Afternoon from the West Coast!

So, as you can tell from my previous post… we decided to relocate from Pennsylvania to California.  I decided to keep a travel journal, beginning last month, and it has helped me recall all of the legs of our journey.  Combined with my photo obsession we have a pretty good record of the journey I thought I would share!

We left from my Mom’s house in Folsom, Pennsylvania at 12:45am EST on Monday September 12, 2016.  I know this shot is a little dark, but it’s all I have of our car all packed up in PA right before take-off…


We hopped right on to I95 south and were on there through Delaware and Maryland, right around Washington DC we got onto I80 and road that straight through Virginia, Tennessee and (finally) finished the night in Arkansas, 19 hours from when we left Folsom.

When you drive down south, you hit a ton of Love’s rest areas, so I felt the need to take a picture of the first one we hit in Virginia.


Eventually the sun arose, we were still in Virginia at the time, and I was able to take a picture in the daylight.  SONY DSC

Finally we crossed into Tennessee, which still remains the longest state ever (as far as we are concerned!)  I caught this flower display at a southern market.


Still in Tennessee…


And then finally, right before the sun set… we met Arkansas!


Hope you enjoyed the pictures 🙂


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