Apparently moving across the country to start a new life is, well, time consuming.  At last I have finished updating Day 2’s pictures, and they are ready for your viewing pleasure.

(In my best Lumière impression from Beauty and the Beast…)
“Ma chere Mademoiselle, it is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight. And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair as the dining room proudly presents: your dinner!” … well, not really, just a bunch of pics from a road trip I went on.
Day 2 started out in Little Rock, Arkansas, with a good night’s sleep and a ton of excitement.  Shortly after hitting the road we crossed into Oklahoma.  I decided to look into some landmarks that we were going to be near, that wouldn’t be entirely out of the way.  I was lucky enough to find that Woody Guthrie’s hometown, Okemah, Oklahoma,  was just off of interstate 40, which was the highway we were on for most of the trip through the south.  I decided to surprise Steve, since he is a huge music fan, but also because he is a huge fan of visiting musical landmarks.


To my surprise, a few miles before the exit Steve and I were making a list of must-hear songs for our trip and he mentioned Woody Guthrie’s world famous song “This Land is Your Land,” I suggested we listen to it right then and there.  And just as I said: “lets get off here,” the song came on and we pulled into Woody Guthrie’s hometown, listening to his song.

The mid-town Woody Guthrie memorial:

Okemah, Oklahoma, was relatively deserted and exceptionally cool to visit.SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC

Once we were back on the road we had lunch at the Cherokee Trading Post, a few miles before we crossed over the Texas state line.  Oklahoma was very flat, but this allowed for wide expanses of land unlike I’ve ever seen.  The photo below is a buffalo that was on the side of the highway at the trading post where we had lunch, also the first buffalo I had ever seen, it was monstrous, and smiling! 🙂


When in Rome… everyone makes their husband wear a cowboy hat right?


After crossing into Texas we hit a ton of rain, this was the sky just after a rain shower.



We were in for a beautiful sunset in New Mexico, I caught this picture through the windshield just as we crossed over the border.


As we crossed into New Mexico, we could see the land begin to change, where Arkansas and Oklahoma were vast and flat, New Mexico began to have more canyons and red rocks.


The last leg of the day was dark, the days were long on this road trip, beautiful, but long.  By the end of each night we were very ready for some much needed rest.  This was the last picture I took on day 2.  We finally found a self-service gas station in an almost deserted New Mexico town about an hour from our hotel.



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