As it happens, moving to a new city, along with diving into part-time work and full-time school can be… overwhelming.  This is, after all, what I signed up for… but being in school full-time, with a passion to excel, can leave very little time for exploring, photographing and writing.

Instead, daily life has become a new exploration.  I ride a bus into Silver Lake 3 days a week and work at a neat little restaurant that a few celebrities have visited.  I ride my bike to school everyday through Hollywood with a full view of mountains and palm trees and unfamiliar things.  I am finding excitement in the ordinary, and for now, that will need to be enough.  I suppose much of life is being able to accept what you can and cannot do, for me, I want to complete school.  In order to do that successfully, other areas of my life must hit a pause button.  I can accept this reality, but it is bittersweet as my new home is so photogenic and there are so many fun tales to tell.

For today, I have decided to share with you the few photographs that I have taken since moving to the City of Angels.  Many of these photos were taken before beginning school, as I was anticipating I would be able to photograph, edit, blog, study, work, cook and sleep silmultaneously.  My naivety was astounding, to say the least.

Alas, and with deep pride, I present the before photos, please enjoy, and thank you for viewing, universe.

Cue: Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Under the Bridge”

Santa Monica
Universal City Walk
Santa Monica
Griffith Park
Echo ParkDSC_0193.jpg
Silver LakeDSC_0239.jpg
Griffith Park
The trail to Griffith ObservatoryIMG_3979.jpg
Santa Monica PierIMG_4275.jpg
Amoeba records, Hollywood
Again, Santa MonicaIMG_4279.jpg
Downtown LA as observed from Griffith Park
Griffith Park Mountains
Los FelizIMG_4305.jpg
Echo ParkDSC_0163


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