A Poem written by my Dad in 1985.

God's Eyes

The news said the story was quite clear
 I read it each day in black and white
 Chained and barred all in fear
 And with freedom the cost, who wouldn't fight

We're all equal in the eyes of God
 And our rights can't be taken for granted
 Speak up and feel the wrath of our rod
 Men's morals they seem to be slanted

One man, one vote is decree
 Thats the way god set out the plan
 And even Atheist would say they agree
 For its equality that makes up the man.

To lower any man is so wrong
 Treat others the way you want to be treated
 So flat are the tunes of this song
 For there in that land all pride is deleted

But still all men are created
 In the likeness of God, good or bad
 So regardless of cause stay dedicated
 All rules had been laid for this lad

When the true essence of our existence
 Five words we fought long and hard for
 (all men are created equal)
 As the news declares your resistance
 And equality is for those who own more

So red white and blue stand steady and fast
 For its time for another reverie ride
 These men must win, they can not finish last
 Revive equality, pull the plug on apartheid

By: Thomas Francis Conlan
 c 1985

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