As an avid photographer I spent years searching for my niche, and I have finally come to terms with nixing a niche… I can at least narrow it down to nitches (work with me!)

Niche #1
I live minimally, I put all of my time into getting the best out of life, I purchase very little and value time over everything.  I care deeply about taking care of our planet and living as sustainability as possible.  I am always looking for new opportunities to make the Earth cleaner, safer and better for future generations.

Niche #2
I love traveling.  I really feel that I am at the beginning of my traveling days, but once you have the taste for travel I’m sure it is hard to wash away.  I also love camping, so while traveling I find any way and any where to camp and enjoy being outside.  If you click on the Travel Photography icon on my page you can see pictures of my journey across the USA from Philadelphia to Los Angeles.

Niche #3
I enjoy health and wellness, I have done every work-out program available and will not stop exploring, currently I do crossfit and I have always considered myself a runner.  I also love to cook, and that has evolved into healthy cooking, I love fining a way to make fresh, good-for-you foods taste amazing.  I hope to occasionally post recipes and other healthy living tips.

Niche #4
I like storytelling, and writing, when the idea comes to me I have to get it down, because they do not come often.  I love lists (especially crossing things off!) So it only makes sense that many of my writing comes in the form of listicles,  but I’m working on it!

I hope you enjoy checking out my blog, and if you are a photographer or model in the Los Angeles looking to collaborate, please feel free to contact me ~

inspiration //
“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may” — Robert Herrick, also, my Captain: John Keating



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