God’s Eyes

A Poem written by my Dad in 1985. God's Eyes The news said the story was quite clear I read it each day in black and white Chained and barred all in fear And with freedom the cost, who wouldn't fight We're all equal in the eyes of God And our rights can't be taken … Continue reading God’s Eyes


Moving Away, Year One Recap!

One year ago today my husband and I moved from Philadelphia to California, we stayed with friends in Northern California until moving to LA in November, but we officially left home a year ago today.  As I was reflecting on everything that has happened this year, I thought I should write it down and share … Continue reading Moving Away, Year One Recap!

The City of Angels

As it happens, moving to a new city, along with diving into part-time work and full-time school can be... overwhelming.  This is, after all, what I signed up for... but being in school full-time, with a passion to excel, can leave very little time for exploring, photographing and writing. Instead, daily life has become a new exploration.  I … Continue reading The City of Angels

One Shopping Day ~ For Dad

Tomorrow, October 17th, is my Dad's birthday. If my Dad were alive, he would be 54 years old. Without going into details, my Dad is much of the reason I started this blog.  He was a lot of things to me, but mostly he was supportive, giving, insane, hilarious, and had deep love for our … Continue reading One Shopping Day ~ For Dad

Summer Shots

The summer sun makes for some beautiful photography.  I have been lucky enough to feel the heat that accompanies the photos below.  Wherever you are, I hope you have enjoyed the summer sun as well. “And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in … Continue reading Summer Shots