Moving Away, Year One Recap!

One year ago today my husband and I moved from Philadelphia to California, we stayed with friends in Northern California until moving to LA in November, but we officially left home a year ago today.  As I was reflecting on everything that has happened this year, I thought I should write it down and share … Continue reading Moving Away, Year One Recap!


How Living Minimally Helped me get the Maximum out of Life

I have avoided writing on the topic of minimalism because it is both a new lifestyle choice for me (of about a year,) and minimalism is a very precious subject to me.  I wanted to make sure I did the topic justice, and clearly explained just how beneficial it is to live minimally. A brief … Continue reading How Living Minimally Helped me get the Maximum out of Life

The City of Angels

As it happens, moving to a new city, along with diving into part-time work and full-time school can be... overwhelming.  This is, after all, what I signed up for... but being in school full-time, with a passion to excel, can leave very little time for exploring, photographing and writing. Instead, daily life has become a new exploration.  I … Continue reading The City of Angels